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Six-sided molding system for Hexa Soaptec stamper

Six-sided molding system supplied to our customer capable of producing over 50 cubic-shaped soaps like Marseille 400gr per minute.
The main body is made of two parts in high quality bronze which is worked by CNC machines in order to obtain seats for movable dies and drive cam that is made of high-strength steel and hardened with tempering treatment.
The six movable matrices with the logos to be imprinted on the six faces of the soap are made of brass and all equipped with a cooling circuit, at the end of processing they are subjected to a Niflon treatment that increases its non-stick properties but above all its resistance to wear due to the sliding of the matrices in the box during the molding phases. In addition, the pins that move the dies in opening and closing through the cam are also equipped with special bushings.
All these measures produced to our six-sided molding systems have high capacities (over 50 soaps per minute) and a mechanical durability without problems at least double compared to the old analogous systems that were created years ago.
In addition to six-sided molding systems on specific Soaptec Hexa type machines, we produce similar products with specifications for stamper type Sas Cubex
marseille cubic soap production hexa soaptec stamper

high quality finishing detail

 shaped cubic soap production

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