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Watch part of our production for different soap stamping machine Mazzoni, Binacchi, SAS and many others

Our company designs and manufactures dies for any existing soap stamper machines such as Binacchi , Mazzoni , SAS.
Thanks to our experience of over 100 years and to our knowledge supported by 3 modeling software and CNC machinery specific for engraving, we provide our customers with any kind of soap dies: from one cavity dies of artisan production (even artistic), the single set of dies for automatic stamper for medium production to multiple sets for the latest generation stampers for a high production worldwide brand soap of the multi-national companies.
If you are looking for a reliable supplier of quality soap dies, read some of our strengths:
machining cnc engravings

  • Collaboration step by step from one idea to 3D modeling till the realization of the dies
  • Guarantee of commercial confidentiality to our Customers from development of new projects of engraving, logos, 3D models, manufacture of dies to marketing.
  • Use of top quality materials in copper alloys, bronze and brass for increased reliability and duration.
  • Exclusive non-stick and anti-corrosion Niflon treatment which considerably increases the duration of the dies and the removal of the soap.
  • Rectification of the dies and holding plates for a better parallelism +/- 0.015mm.
  • Cooling circuit of the dies made with a particular path with high thermal exchange for better cooling efficiency.
  • Supply of all accessories: trimmers, suction cups (more than 120 models available), additional ejectors, jig and dowel pins.
  • Service and spare parts: we provide for our dies, even after years, spares and ejectors with the possibility to make the identical engraving to the original one or, at your request, with a new modified logo.

    Important companies use Eurostampi molds
Eurostampi important customers logos soaps
We manufacture dies for any type of stamping machine: Binacchi, Mazzoni, Sas, Soaptec, Meccaniche Moderne, Confalonieri, Imsa, Chemco, Tecma, Sela, Britannia, Nantong, Limac, Milindia, Lanzhou, Saravanan, R.S. Engineering, Adhisakthi ...
You can see in the previews that follow some of the latest molds supplied to our Customers, constantly updated page. Note: logos and engraving have been removed for commercial confidentiality.
  Dies for Binacchi soap stamper machine USN2600 USN2400 USN2200 USN500/400/300/200

Dies for toilet soap 85g Binacchi USN 2200 stamper

Dies for toilet soap 125g Binacchi USN 2400 stamper

Dies for toilet banded soap 115g Binacchi USN 400/2/R stamper

Binacchi USN 500 soap dies set for toilet soap 107g

Soap die set for stamper Binacchi USN 100 to produce toilet soap 113g

High production soap mold for stamper Binacchi USN 2600

Mold for stamper Binacchi USN 2300 banded soap 180g
  Dies for Mazzoni soap stamper STUR 14 - 12 - 10 - 7 - 4N - 3 - 2 / STUF Q - STUF D

Dies for Hotel soap 40g STU/H Mazzoni LB stamper

Dies for toilet soap 70g Mazzoni STUR 10 stamper

Mazzoni stur 8/12 soap die set supply for soap manufacturer- example

Mazzoni STUR 7 soap stamper special 3d elaborated engraving for soap 75g

Dies for Mazzoni STU/S stamper to produce banded 85g toilet soap

Mazzoni Lb STUR 2 soap press die set for artisanal soap production 100g

Mazzoni STUR 3 dies for hotel soap 22g

Mazzoni STUR 14 high production soap dies set for toilet soap 150g

Mold for Mazzoni pneumatic soap press to produce banded 77g toilet soap

Soap die set for Mazzoni LB stuf-q stamper to produce 85g toilet soap

Die set equipment for Mazzoni stur 4 to produce 150g soaps

Soap mold set for Mazzoni LB stuf-d stamper to produce 150g banded toilet soap

Mazzoni STUF Duplo dies for toilet soap 90g

Soap mold set for Mazzoni LB stur 14 to produce 200g soap with right angle

Soap die set for Mazzoni LB stuf-q stamper to produce 120g banded toilet soap

Soap die set for Desmet Ballestra/Mazzoni LB stur 8n super 59g toilet soap
  Soaptec stamper MFS 3 - MFS 4 - MFS 6 - MFS 8 - MFS 10 - HEXA

Soaptec mfs3 stamper mold for toilet soap 100g

Soaptec mfs6 stamper banded soap mold 200g

Soaptec MFS4 supply dies to produce toilet soap 200g

Soaptec Hexa supply dies to produce cubic soap 400g
  Sela stamper SPH 4 - SPH8 - SPH DUPLEX - RAPID

Sela sph duplex mold for 70g toilet soap production

Soap die set for Sela sph8 to produce toilet soap 150g

Sela rapid 6 stamper supply mold to produce 150g toilet soap

Sela sph 4 die set to produce toilet soap 75g
  Sas stamper Cubex - Stampex - Condor - Serenia

Sas Cubex bronze die box for marseille cubic soap shape 400g

Sas stampex 4 die set for 80g toilet soap production

Sas condor stamper tree cavity soap dies supply

Sas stampex 3 stamper tree cavity diamond soap 100g

Sas Cubex press bronze die box for laundry soap production

Sas Condor brass mold supply with accessories
  Soap dies for Meccaniche Moderne stamper Sain - Saev - 8509

Dies for banded soap 99g Meccaniche Moderne 8509 stamper

Meccaniche Moderne saev soap mold 135g

Meccaniche Moderne sain stamper 200g laundry soap production
  Miscellaneous models of soap dies / various stamper machines

Dies for hotel soap 35g Britannia Rotary 590 stamper

Dies for toilet soap 90g Nantong XLD stamper

Chemco HPD stamper machine die set for 125g toilet banded soap with sharp corners

Imsa VST stamper die set for striated soap 130g production

Mold for pneumatic stamper 100,5g

Limac soap stamper mold for 80g toilet soap production

30g Soap die set for pneumatic soap stamper

Milindia soap stamper die set supplyed to produce soap 75g

Imsa soap stamper mold set to produce 200g bathroom soap bars

Rose soap 40g artistic dies for automatic toilet soap stamper machine

Artistic floral soap for Sas stampex 3 stamper machine

Artistic engraving - car and astronaut for toilet soap 90g


Interchangeable inserts / ejectors engraved

Extrusion shaping plates with adjustable size

Silicone rubber suction cups more than 120 types available

Roller bronze engraving logo on a bar laundry soap
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