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Soap dies supplier in India

Our supply of soap dies in India, the set of dies for Binacchi USN-400 stamper is composed of 4 rotating lower half dies and 2 upper half dies with three cavities with air ejectors, the material of the molds is copper alloy with anti-corrosion and non-stick Niflon treatment, the holding plates are in brass with nickel treatment, also included in the set are brass finishing trimmer with cooling channel and Niflon treatment. Dies and holding plates are rectified for greater precision.
To complete the set in agreement with the customer, we have supplied specific original equipment suction cups, dowel pins, air and refrigerant connectors, spares o-rings and ejector locking nuts.
Binacchi’s die for the production of 85g bars soap designed and manufactured by Eurostampi s.r.l.
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binacchi stamper supplier in india

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