Soap  dies supplier Eurostampi for soap stamping machine

Mazzoni soap dies supplier in Pakistan

Our supply in Pakistan for four cavities die set with extra spare half dies for Mazzoni Stuf/Q stamper.
The set is composed of disc die box in stainless steel entirely CNC machined to ensure perfect centering and balancing in the stamping, copper half dies that guarantee cooling properties thanks to the excellent thermal conductivity and Niflon non-stick and anti-wear treatment, rectified holding plates in stainless steel.
To complete the set we provide accessories in stainless steel to load and unload the soap, dies centering device to ensure a perfect alignment of the half dies during the stamper setup, specific suction cups for charging and discharging with air connectors and studs for fixing dies to the machine.
Soap dies supplier for our customer in Pakistan for 85g soap production.
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Mazzoni LB stamper supplier in Pakistan

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